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Musikclub Open Air

Line-Up Trailer

The Musikclub Open Air takes place over two days every summer on the cozy hills of the Muehlviertel in Upper Austria. The event showcases a cutting-edge overview of the finest indie and pop national and international.

The Musik-Kulturclub Lembach commissioned me to create a title sequence unveiling the line-up for its 2019 edition of the so-called “MOA” (Musicklub Open Air).

Client: Musik-Kulturclub Lembach
Role: Concept, Animation & Additional Illustration

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About the Organization

The Musik-Kulturclub Lembach is a non-profit organization to bring cultural events to the rural area of the Upper Austrian Highlands. 

Since 1988 it provides a stage for local and international musicians, authors and artists. Variety is important for the members. That’s why the program reaches from traditional to modern – from aspiring to established live acts.

The Musik-Kulturclub Lembach hosts several cultural soirees and once a year the two-day music festival Musikclub Open Air (MOA). All their events happen in and around an altered farm building which evokes an especially familiar and cozy atmosphere. Besides music, the festival focuses on sustainability and is thus certified as ‘Green Event’.

And when it comes to organizing the events, members of all age groups add their part and share a passion and love for detail!


Briefing and Concept

After talking to Peter (the head of the organization) and Theresa (illustrator and poster-designer) about the first ideas of this year’s visual style it was clear to us that the trailer needs to reflect the special atmosphere that the festival stands for.

The altered farm serving as festival-location surrounded by a beautiful hilly landscape was the reference to the initial illustration Theresa created for promoting the festival on a printed basis.

As sustainability is a vital part of the festival we used the trees and plants of the poster-illustration as elements throughout the whole animation. We expanded upon the visual style of the illustration and added various elements like the blobs flowing around or the reveal animation for the photos. One major goal was to keep a homogeneous art direction between the logos and photos of the different bands. So that everything comes together nicely.

The trailer was created using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and ffmpeg to get the file size down and run smoothly on every device.

Process Insights

Social Media

The trailer in conjunction with a competition gained attention with over 100 expressions and more than 120 comments in the first two days. The engagement with the post and the festival itself exceeded the expectations and reached many potential visitors.


Client: Musik-Kulturclub Lembach
Intro Illustration: Theresa Sachsenhofer
Concept, Animation & Additional Illustration: Sabine Füreder, Gerold Brunner